May 2019-April 2020
January 23 2020 Sponsorship of the Endoscopy Symposium in the UK.Please see thelink.
January 21 2020 Announcement on our sales start of “PuraStat” to the Canadian market.Please see thelink.
November 14 2019 Promotion of "PuraStat" in Toronto .Please see thelink.
October 25 2019 PuraStat Promotion in UEGW.Please see thelink.
October 11 2019 Hiroshima University, our co-researcher, presented regarding " A high-content cellular senescence screening identifies a novel tumor suppressive microRNA " in the 78th annual meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association. Regarding the patent, we have made the joint application, and after the establishment, 3-D Matrix has the right to negotiate commercialization rights.
October 07 2019 The PuraStat® cardiac surgery interest group meeting held on October 4th, 2019.Please see thelink.
September 27 2019 PuraSinus (adhesion prevention and hemostatic material for the otorhinolaryngological field) exhibited at the ARS(American Rhinologic Society) Annual Meeting.Please see the link.
July 19 2019 Progress of UK POPS (Prospective Observational PuraStat Study) Please see the link.
July 17 2019 PuraStat® Clinical User Group Symposium at BSG.Please see the link.
April 16 2019 Notice regarding the approval in the U.S. for PuraSinus (adhesion prevention and hemostatic material for the otorhinolaryngological field).Please see the link.
May 2018-April 2019
December 10 2018 Notice regarding the approval on an additional use of PuraStat : postoperative bleeding prevention. Please see the link.
November 2 2018 Notice regarding a joint research agreement with Neutron Therapy Research Center of Okayama University on development of a new formulation for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), a cancer treatment.Please see the link.
May 8 2018 Notice regarding the supply of our peptide to an investigator-initiated clinical trial for regenerative medicine area.Please see the link.
May 2015-April 2016
January 20 2016 Business analysis report has been delivered by Shared Research Inc.
November 19 2015 Financial Highlights for 2nd Quarter 2016 will be announced on December 15.
July 12 2015 Absorbable Hemostat "PuraStat®"Product Registration Application Submitted in Brasil
July 7 2015 Development of a Novel Nucleic Acid Drug Discovered by National Cancer Center. Please see the link.
July 2 2015 Absorbable Hemostat "PuraStat®"Product Registration Application Submitted in Mexico

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