Our company has developed various applied technologies with self-assembling peptides in four medical fields.

Regenerative Medicine

We have accepted the challenge to develop tissue regeneration with and without cells. Particularly in the regeneration of blood vessels, myocardium, neurons, and bone, data showing the efficacy of our self-assembling peptide have been accumulated.

Cell Therapy

Our self-assembling peptides offer an excellent environment for the engraftment of cells and have been developed as injectable carriers in vivo to improve the efficacy of cell therapy. In addition, some studies have been conducted to develop in vitro bioartificial organs.

Drug Discovery Technology

Our self-assembling peptides are user-friendly injectable gels developed as carriers for sustained-release topical drug delivery systems (DDS) for a wide range of applications. In previous studies, protein stability, drug release rate adjustable by customization and the penetrability of X-Rays have been shown.

Surgical Treatment

Using the characteristics of injectable self-assembling peptides with high tissue regeneration ability, the development of products has been progressing in wound healing just using peptides, in addition to applications in cosmetic surgery.


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