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PuraMatrix™is the first-generation self-assembling peptide hydrogel invented by Dr. Shuguang Zhang of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States in 1992. PuraMatrix™, a completely synthesized product, is a novel material with high safety, biocompatibility, and biodegradability. Furthermore, this injectable product forms nanofibers immediately and becomes gelatinous by contacting blood or bodily fluids or under physiological conditions. The gelatinized PuraMatrix™becomes nanostructured similar to a natural extracellular matrix (ECM), such as collagen, creating an appropriate environment for cell cultures.

PSince we are able to change the gel strength depending on the concentration of PuraMatrix™, it is possible to establish optimal environments suitable for the purpose.


Characteristics of Products

The completely synthesized PuraMatrix™is a unique material available for regenerative medicine, cell therapy, drug delivery systems, and other uses in many fields, having not only high safety, biocompatibility, and biodegradability, but also a structure similar to natural extracellular matrix (ECM). See the following linked page to compare the characteristics of PuraMatrix™with other materials.