Business Domains

Our company has been globally developing businesses consisting of research reagents, medical devices, and licensing based on various rights associated with self-assembling peptide technologies.

With the peptide technology licensed from MIT as its core, we have developed feasible technologies in the fields of regenerative medicine, surgical treatment, cell therapy, and drug discovery.

  1. Regenerative Medicine:Medicine: Efficacy of the product for regeneration of blood vessels, myocardium, neurons, and bone has been shown by data.
  2. Cell therapy:fficacy of the product as an injectable carrier in vivo to improve the effects of cell therapy has been shown by data.
  3. Drug Discovery Technology:Drug Discovery Technology: Efficacy of the product as a carrier for biocompatible and biodegradable drug delivery systems (DDS) has been shown by data.
  4. Surgical Treatment:Surgical Treatment: It has been developed for application in fields of wound healing and cosmetic surgery.
  5. Research Reagent:Research Reagents: The products are commercially available from Corning Incorporated (Life Sciences Division), our sales partner company.