PuraMatrix™1% peptide solution, is provided as a 1mL or 5mL vial.

High Concentration PuraMatrix™

High Concentration PuraMatrix™is a high concentration hydrogel. We provide a 1mL vial after concentration adjustment up to 3%, depending on the purpose.

Modified Peptide

We currently provide the following three modified peptides for which the functional motif was added to PuraMatrix™.

  • PRG:With a RGDS1 adhesion motif observed in fibronectin added
  • SDP:With a YIGSR adhesion motif observed in laminin added
  • PFS:With the bone marrow homing factor-related peptide sequence added

GMP Grade PuraMatrix™

We produce GMP Grade PuraMatrix™. If you are interested in a clinical application of the product, please contact us.