Keiji Nagano

Chairman and Executive Director

After working at ExxonMobil Corporation and then Bain & Company, Nagano started taking part in New Media as the director of New Media Japan Inc. in 2000. While he was vice-president of the Tokyo office of Bain & Co., he also played a key role as the director of the South Korea office for four years in establishing the office. He led projects with clients in various lines of businesses and gained wide experience in communications, high technology, entertainment, and the healthcare businesses at Bain & Co.

Moreover, he supported foreign capital companies to launch businesses in Japan and carried them toward success by understanding them at the operational level on the lines.

He graduated from the Faculty of Technology at the University of Tokyo (chemical engineering) and earned a master’s degree in business economics (MBA) at Columbia University.

Jun Okada

President and Representative Director

He started working as a consultant at the Tokyo office of Bain & Co. in 1998, and was engaged in many projects, including bio investment support for a venture capital company and development support for a pharmaceutical company (as a resident person for a year). In 2005, he started taking charge of the corporate planning of 3-D Matrix and took up the post as director in 2007,and assumed his current position in 2016.

He graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Tokyo and earned a master’s degree in business economics (MBA) at the INSEAD in France.

Tomoyuki Arai


In 1996, He started working at Pronexus Inc. (specialist of supporting corporate disclosure) and was involved in the tasks of many listed companies and those targeting IPOs. Since 2006, he was engaged in consulting services for IPOs and internal control systems at the CSBA consulting group. In 2007, he became a director of CSBA Investment. Subsequently, he was responsible for achieving the IPO (JASDAQ) for Ascot Corp. in 2008. He started serving in the sections for compliance and corporate planning at 3-D Matrix in 2008 and assumed the post of director in July 2012.